After months of uncertainty, experts are finally gaining a better grasp of how COVID-19 spreads, allowing us better insight into which activities are safe and which are less so. When it comes to your usual summer schedule, you’ve probably had to rethink some of your activities, such as traveling by airplane and dining indoors. But with warmer weather ushering us outside to recreate and with experts agreeing that there is less transfer of the coronavirus outdoors, it offers the perfect setting for your summer activities. That said, you’ll still want to opt for excursions that keep you away from large crowds, as maintaining good social distance will add another level of safety to your outing as will wearing a mask.

Visit the coast

With its fresh and salty sea breeze and miles of sandy beaches, many towns along the Pacific Ocean offer the perfect relaxing getaway while also staying safe. Sunny days bring out crowds in droves, but even then, it is usually possible to find a secluded spot on your own to enjoy a picnic or just stroll along the shoreline while dipping your feet in the ocean. Within a few hours of driving, you can be taking in the view of the vast ocean at places like Long Beach in Washington or Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Do some gardening

Another great way to safely enjoy the outdoors this summer is to get down and dirty in the garden. Many nurseries are offering curbside pickup for various starters, making it the perfect time to tend to your flowers, plan for vegetables or plant some herbs. No matter if you’re eyeing raised beds, hanging plants or sticking to rows of in-ground seedlings, this is a great time to give your plant life some much-needed attention.

Hit some golf balls

Maintaining social distance is a very easy thing to achieve while golfing, which is one of the reasons that many golf courses and driving ranges have been able to remain open even while other businesses were forced to close. That said, if you do plan to play 18 or hit some balls, make sure to research the course’s policies, especially when it comes to golf carts. You may find that you’ll have to walk between holes, which is something to plan for when it comes to timing and your shoe choice.

Go for a walk or hike

The tried and tested way to remove yourself from human interaction and connect with nature is to take a hike. Experts consider this to be a low risk activity, especially on paths that are less popular, so search out trails whose names you’ve never heard of. Also, look for hikes that offer a wide path to allow for easy passing. Remember, it’s best to bring your mask in case you come across a bottleneck or encounter large groups at the trailhead.

Dust off your tent and sleep outside

The entire idea behind camping is to get away from people and to eat, sleep and recreate in a more natural setting for a bit. Most campgrounds are great for this, though you should do some research on the spots you’re choosing to get a better understanding for how spaced out the tent site are. Have a plan for whether you’ll use restrooms or not and carry lots of soap, water and hand sanitizer.

Cool off in some water

So far, science has shown that there is no evidence that the coronavirus can spread through water, so swimming appears to be a safe summer outdoor activity. You will want to make sure you can maintain social distance while you’re in the water and relaxing by the side of the pool, so this is only an advisable activity at facilities that don’t attract too many crowds and where pool users can maintain a distance of six feet. You can also seek out lesser-known watering holes, some of which are best learned by word of mouth. Many of Clark County’s lakes and rivers attract crowds on the weekends, so weekday excursions are usually an all-around safer choice.

Dine out or picnic in the park

One of the hard parts about the pandemic is the increased risk of eating indoors at restaurants. The safer way to go is to opt for eateries that have outdoor seating options. While many restaurants already had patios, others have planned for extra outdoor space, so dining out is still a viable option with an appropriate amount of research. Another option is to order out or bring your own food and meet friends at a park for a picnic. You will end up saving some money and will have peace of mind knowing can clearly demarcate safe distance by placing blankets to sit on six feet apart from each other.

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