The Younger Side of the Retirement Center

Retirement centers or homes are often viewed as places where the elderly can spend their time living independently while enjoying their “Golden Years.” But what about the younger residents of these centers? Many disabled younger adults who need a care provider can still be very active and can take care of many of their own needs. Knights of Pythias Retirement Center has several programs for these residents to help keep them engaged and ready to take charge of their lives.

“I find them to be very enthusiastic about the outings,” said Lori Staff, Assisted Housing/Marketing Manager at Knights of Pythias Retirement Center. “Especially as they are often more mobile than some of our older folks and like to get out.”

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While many of the older residents prefer to stay “at home” for their activities, younger residents like to be on the move.

While many of the older residents prefer to stay “at home” for their activities and just aren’t able to move as freely, younger residents like to be on the move. And, as you might imagine, these residents also like to partake in events that may skew to the younger generation. Where older residents may enjoy senior fitness classes that stress the importance of stretching, the younger crowd would prefer a pool tournament or perhaps a gentle yoga class.

“They also tend to prefer “younger type” activities than more sedentary ones,” Staff said. “But that is not always the case.”

For those where mobility is less of an obstacle, weekly shopping trips to a local grocery store are a highlight. Monthly trips to farmer’s markets, thrift stores, or books stores also allow residents – both young and old – to take in the sights and sounds away from the center.

“Some of our seniors enjoy the trips, too,” Staff said. “And they especially enjoy visiting with the younger crowd, swapping stories, and sharing ideas.”

For the more adventurous residents, there is even a remote controlled plane that can be flown on a monthly basis. Bingo is a popular pastime for everyone and there are also large turnouts for free weekly painting lessons.

Retirement centers are often places where those of us who have already lived a full life can come to spend their golden years. But the Knights of Pythias Retirement Center, in Vancouver, WA also provides a place for those younger adults who still have their lives in front of them can live with the care they need.

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