Summertime Activities in Vancouver, WA

Although the rainy Spring weather hasn’t left us entirely, sunnier, warmer days are in the near future. Previously, we wrote about the importance of Vitamin D, which is provided by sunlight. Increased bone growth and strength, lowered risk of disease, and eased thoughts of depression are just a few of the good side effects of Vitamin D.

And after months and months of rain and cold, it’s also just nice to be able to go outside whenever you want. With summer just around the corner, there are plenty of things to do in the Vancouver area.

Vancouver Farmers Market

This annual event starts in mid-March every year and ends at the end of October. For those seven months, 250 vendors set up shop just west of Esther Short Park. A short ride from Knights of Pythias Retirement Center, the market  is a great place to walk around for a few hours and soak up that valuable sunshine.

The market has fresh produce, flowers, and plants from local farms and gardens as well as home and garden accessories. Baked goods, delicious food, and other treats are also available and many booths provide arts and crafts. The Vancouver Farmers Market is also an excellent way to get out and socialize with other people as well, also important after a long winter indoors.

Six to Sunset Concerts

City of Vancouver Riverview Concert Series

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Located at Esther Short Park, the Six to Sunset concert series happens every Thursday from July 6-August 10 this year. This year, the series has quite the lineup:

July 6 – Blues and R&B performer Curtis Salgado

July 13 – R&B and Dance group Nu Shooz

July 20 – Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

July 27 – 5 Guys Named Moe, a 13-piece horn-driven band performing 60’s hits

August 3 – Coolade, providing hits from the 60’s and today

Augst 10 – Saxaphonist to the stars Patrick Lamb

These evening concerts are a perfect chance to get out and enjoy some music after the temperatures begin to cool down. The concerts end at 8 p.m., which allows a little time to walk around the park and downtown Vancouver before the sun goes down for the day.

Cruise the Couve

Happening just outside Knights of Pythias Retirement Center’s front doors, Cruise the Couve is an all-day event for classic cars and modern marvels alike. Traveling down Main and Washington Streets, there are plenty of options for food and drink as well as two locations to donate food.

Other activities include A Family Fun Zone, Racer’s Row, and Live Music. Cruise the Couve is the ideal place to watch the muscle cars of yesterday – and maybe even a wood-paneled station wagon – cruising down the main drag like they did in the 60’s.

Knights of Pythias Retirement Center Yard Sale

Don’t miss the Knights of Pythias Retirement Center Annual Yard Sale July 22 9 am to 3 pm!

Knights of Pythias Yard Sale

Another outdoor event during the summer is the annual Yard Sale at Knights of Pythias. This year, the sale is on Saturday, July 22, from 9 am – 3 pm. In the back parking lot of KOPRC. The sale is run by Camelot Lodge #1, although the resident association does have it’s own area to sell their goods.

Clothing, household items, books, furniture, and so on will all be on display for purchase. Proceeds from the Camelot Lodge sales go towards activities they sponsor throughout the community, such as monthly dinners and entertainment for Knights of Pythias residents. Hot dogs, chili, and pop will also be available.

The sun is beginning to shine with a lot more frequency, and it’s important for older friends and family to get out and enjoy it. Along with the physical improvements a healthy dose of Vitamin D can provide, the mental stimulation of getting out and socializing is important, too.

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