Have a Healthy Holiday Season

The month of December is often packed with holiday parties, filled with fun, laughs and, of course, food. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat or large family meal – and nothing in this blog post will keep you from enjoying a candy cane or two – but it’s a good idea for seniors to watch what they eat the rest of the season.

The first thing to remember during the eating, er, holiday season is to make healthy choices whenever possible. If a large pasta dinner is planned for the evening, maybe a lighter meal of soup or salad would work for lunch. Eating some carrot sticks or other vegetables an hour or two before the event may also keep the hunger pangs at bay.

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A group having fun at the Frank Sinatra Black and White formal at The Knights of Pythias Retirement Center.

No matter what is planned, one thing to keep in mind is to remain hydrated. That means drinking water throughout the day, not just while eating. This can serve two purposes: aside from keeping you hydrated, it can also help you feel a little full and not as hungry.

When sitting down for the holiday meal, make sure your older loved ones remember their dietary restrictions. Some seniors have special diets they need to follow, such as eating foods with low sodium levels. Make sure there are plenty of options available as it’s easy to forget what to eat when there are so many tempting dishes on the table.

After the meal, instead of looking for the nearest couch to take a nap on, think about gathering everyone for a stroll around the neighborhood. Obviously, there is a chance the weather won’t cooperate with these plans. But if you bundle up and bring an umbrella, a quick walk outside is doable.

At Knights of Pythias Retirement Center, there are plenty of events for residents during the holiday season. In addition to daily classes, there is a Frank Sinatra Black and White Formal Dance, Resident Christmas Party, and a New Year’s Eve Spaghetti Dinner. These events not only help celebrate the season, but also give residents a chance to be with other people during this special time of year. Contact the Knights of Pythias Retirement Center for more information about these events, which are also open to the family and friends of residents.

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