Safe Winter Activities to Enjoy

With the colder temperatures upon us, ushering everyone indoors for a majority of the day, you may find yourself asking the question: What am I going to do this winter? With a number of holiday festivities canceled and other typical wintry activities on pause due to COVID safety concerns, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your time hunkered down indoors. Here are some fun — and safe — activities to dive into this winter.

Get inventive in the kitchen

There’s never a better time to have the oven warming the whole house than in the winter months. In fact, one holiday tradition you can still partake in this year is cookie baking. There’s nothing quite like whipping up a batch of sugar cookies and decorating them with colorful frosting and sprinkles while listening to Christmas music. You can even deliver them to a friend’s doorstep to spread a bit of much-needed holiday cheer. There’s a lot of exploration you can do in the kitchen, from experimenting with a new soup recipe, making a gingerbread house or taking a stab at making some mulled wine or spiced cider. The opportunities are endless – all you need is a good cookbook and a can-do attitude.

Flex your crafting muscles

One of the bright sides of having fewer plans this winter is that you have the opportunity to actually become bored. While that seems like no fun, one of the joys that is born of boredom is creativity. In many ways, there’s no better way to express this than by crafting. You can knit a blanket, try your hand at candle making or even come up with and make your own decorations for the holidays. For example, you can cut out paper snowflakes or making a wreath for your door. Once you get into the mindset of crafting, you’ll find that everything around you becomes material waiting to be repurposed.

Cozy up on the couch

Canceled plans and sour weather are great excuses to spend the day in your pajamas swaddled in a blanket. Build a fire or light a candle and curl up with a good book or plan an spend an entire day watching a marathon of movies. Or, if you are in need of a little more TLC, you can plan to take a long bath or partake in a spa day. You’d be amazed at how a little rest and relaxation helps you reset.

Invest your time in learning

If you’re like a majority of us, you have a long list somewhere of all the things you wish you had done but never found the time to do it. Now, you’ve been given the gift of time. Sit down with a pen to write a hand-written letter to an old friend or fire up your computer to dive into your genealogy. There are a number of free online classes and many museums during COVID have shifted to allow visitors to explore its grounds virtually, so why wait? This is the perfect opportunity to kick procrastination to the curb.

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