Thinking of older loved ones during the holidays

Every year it happens – leaves change color, the sun gives way to rain, and the temperatures start to chill. Many of us love this time of season – it’s a signal that the holidays are upon us. But it’s important that we remember our older loved ones as the seasons change.

Socializing with seniors during the holidays in Vancouver WA

Socializing during holiday time is very important for many seniors.

As the thermometer drops, the chances for cold and flus raises. If possible, check in on your parents to make sure their heating system is in good working condition. If possible, check in with their health provider to make sure any needed prescriptions are filled in case your parent is unable to leave the house.

The fall season also brings wind, which in turn brings falling leaves. On your next visit, offer to help rake the leaves from the yard and walkway as wet leaves on the ground can be a slipping hazard. If you don’t live near your older loved ones, contact landscaping companies in their area to schedule a time to do this.

When it’s dark and dreary outside, it can make some feel dark and dreary on the inside. In some cases, seniors don’t live near family or it is difficult to get outdoors in the stormy weather. If you don’t live near your older loved ones, check on social services in their area to see if there are events specifically tailored to their needs.

At The Knights of Pythias Retirement Center, there are a variety of activities available to their residents. When it gets closer to Christmas, the center organizes a winter formal, tree trimming and even carol singing. Trips away from the senior housing center include seeing The Singing Christmas Tree and some holiday shopping.

It’s important for seniors to have this kind of socializing to keep the lonely thoughts at bay, especially since they might not have the mobility they once had. If they can’t get out on their own, or have no one in close proximity, it might be time to think about a retirement center.

With monthly and seasonal events, there is always have plenty to do and people to talk with, Knights of Pythias can offer your parents a place to keep active no matter the season. Contact the Knight of Pythias Retirement Center today for more information.

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